Round Two

In 2009, I started a blog. I called it Sharp Skirts and it was a loose compilation of posts about... honestly I barely remember. The tagline was something like, "For women who want to read more than diet tips and mascara reviews." I and a friend wrote about politics. We commented on news items. We awarded 'Skirt of the Week' honors to women who were unapologetic and ballsy (pun intended) for whatever they were doing in life. We insulted Oprah frequently. 

At some point, I decided to turn it into an actual business and created a marginally successful company that supported women entrepreneurs. It was named one of Forbes' top sites for women in 2011. I created a Chicago chapter to supplement the Austin one. I had an event at SXSW. It was awesome. It was also a fun ride that didn't involve much profit.

So in October of 2012 I joined the Daily Dot, and I don't regret a moment of it. But I've consistently been asked all along, what about Sharp Skirts? You had something good going there. What does the next round look like?

It looks like this. A simple blog - no business plans, no brand messaging. Just me writing about shit that's pissing me off. Because unfortunately there's a lot that fits into that category lately. It's 2014 and we're still discussing wage disparity, the definition of rape, and whether I'm even allowed to publicly say that I'm mad. I'm tired and out of patience. 

I have no illusions that writing these things down will effect a single ounce of change. But I have two daughters. And I owe it to them to at least write it down, that they at least know this crap mattered to me. Who knows, maybe some day this will be a laughable time capsule of life in 2014. Maybe. Hopefully. Please.


Carla Cook

Austin, TX